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Leverage our unparalleled construction industry compensation and benchmark data to make sure your employees' pay is aligned with similar roles and companies.

If you’re not considering facts and data, you’re simply guessing.

Without reliable intel on competitive pay practices, it’s nearly impossible to set appropriate and reasonable employee pay levels. Gain confidence that you are making the right compensation and benefits decisions by using FMI’s compensation survey database, a leading source for relevant engineering and construction industry-specific market data.

You’ll have direct access to interactive reports with the latest total rewards data, including base pay, short-term and long-term incentives, paid leave, health and wellness benefits, retirement and savings benefits, vehicles and allowances, training and development offerings and reimbursements, and other benefits and perquisite information. In addition, you’ll have the ability to focus on the data most applicable to your company, based on industry, company size and geography. After your company's survey data is accepted, you'll have on-demand access to research and analyze competitive compensation levels.

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Available Survey Data

Executive Compensation

Reports include base salary, annual incentive, long-term incentive and perquisite information for executive and upper management positions at the corporate and business unit/division levels.

Construction Professional Compensation

Published for more than 20 years, this flagship survey reports base salary and annual incentive data for entry-level professional positions through middle management, including multiple levels for industry-critical jobs like estimator, project manager, project engineer and superintendent.

The Benefits and Pay Practices

This provides statistics and employer cost data for essential components of compensation packages, including employee benefits and perquisite offerings. Information is reported on health insurance plans, retirement savings contributions, paid leave, vehicle allowances and per diems, among others benefits.

Are you ready to make data-driven compensation decisions?

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