Market Research & Due Diligence

Having timely and relevant market intelligence at your fingertips provides insights into key industry trends and creates opportunities to surpass the competition. We help you access, interpret and apply complex market research data to guide investment decisions into how you deploy your time, people and capital.

Successful companies in the built environment constantly monitor their markets and stay abreast of emerging trends. Market drivers shift continuously, and the ability to capitalize on these changes to strengthen the business, expand service offerings or move into a new geography separates the exceptional organization from the competition. FMI’s experts provide insights into the potential opportunity offered by a market and how well positioned you are to capture it.

The first step is to examine the market – its size, competitive dynamics and characteristics -- to develop a clear picture of how much of the segment or geography your business can effectively address. Next, it is critical to assess your current business and determine the differentiation points. What does your company offer that competitors don’t? Who are the leading buyers of your services? And how well positioned are you with key customers based on their preferences?

Having the confidence to invest effort or capital requires that the answers to these questions be underpinned with facts and data. When you have clarity around the opportunities that exist and certainty that those opportunities match with your company’s strengths and core capabilities, you can pursue strategy that creates a market-leading position.

Our market research consulting teams focus on:

Construction Forecasting and Market Sizing

  • Assess your market sectors by analyzing and interpreting construction spending.
  • Evaluate market opportunities and gain a deeper understanding of untapped sectors and clients.
  • Learn how markets are expected to grow or decline and where to invest.

Competitor Analysis

  • Evaluate your competition and identify the unique differentiators that resonate with customers.
  • Identify areas of opportunity in the marketplace to test new services and business development strategies.
  • Learn what your competitors are doing right. This information is critical for staying relevant and ensuring your services are outperforming industry standards.

Customer Buying Practices

  • Know what your customers want and value. Discover their needs and pain points.
  • Glean insights into key customer loyalty indices and see how you compare with industry benchmarks.
  • Understand which clients match best with your core competencies.

Demand Driver and Trends Analysis

  • Gain insights into what trends are shaping and influencing your markets.
  • Identify how you can adjust and adapt to those market trends.
  • Learn how to integrate these market research insights into your strategy.

Key Benefits

  • Gain important insights about your clients that help you refine your go-to-market strategy and improve your competitive position.
  • Access customized market research to understand market dynamics and key industry trends influencing your business.
  • Understand new markets or geographies and how you can develop long-lasting relationships to win business successfully and repeatedly.
  • Learn what opportunities are best matched with your company’s strengths and core capabilities.

Our Insights

Are you ready to gain deep insights into your markets, customers and competitors?

Our team of experts can provide you the data and facts required to make the right strategic decisions.